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Quick & Easy Footwear Sizing Guide

Buying shoes, sandals and footwear online is like buying clothing. You just never know if it's going to fit. But we got you covered so no worries! Follow our simple and short guide and you'll have no trouble.


Method 1: Go with the size you already know will fit.

All our footwear products are in USA sizes. If you already know what sizes typically fit you for certain footwear products, then just go with what you already know.


Method 2: Measure your feet length and pick the right size.

If you want to be accurate with size selection, then the best way is to measure your feet length from the end of the big toe to the back of the ankle, then go to sizing chart just down below and see the corresponding size that matches. We recommend to first find the exact match size, then add 1 more size up to make that as the final size if your feet shape has irregular edges(bunions etc), is particularly wider or changes sizes as a result of your period. 


Note: footwear sizes are categorized by foot length, NOT the length of the footwear, so DO NOT measure your existing footwear.

Note 2: If your measurement lands in the middle of 2 sizes, then pick the bigger one.

Remember, if the footwear you receive doesn't fit you perfectly then let us know and we will ship you a new size FOR FREE!