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SOO · JIN - Korean Fashion that Defines You


Soo Jin is a name for Korean females, made up of two Korean words, 'soo' and 'jin'. 'Soo' stands for attraction, while 'jin' signifies uniqueness. It also happens to represent an ideal of feminine fashion, and we believe Korean fashion embodies that very well.

As a practical subject, fashion isn't just about looking good; it also needs to be wearable everyday and for every purpose. You should attract attention to your unique and confident choice of fashion no matter where you go, and even more importantly, you should feel perfectly comfortable in it.

We have hand-picked our catalog to bring an ever changing assortment of new and on-sale fashion pieces that are high-quality, wearable, comfy and most importantly well-priced, sourced from the fast fashion capitals of Korea and Asia.

So who is SOO・JIN?

SOO・JIN is every mother, daughter, sister and woman who wants to define themselves by looking attractive and unique through their fashion attire.


Happy shopping!

From everyone at SOO・JIN